The Eastern Conference Finals

Lebron vs Celtics

By Jose De La Fuente, Staff Writer

After an incredible performance by Lebron James to sweep the Toronto Raptors in four games, the Cleveland Cavaliers have once again found themselves in the Eastern Conference Finals. Although Lebron’s efforts in the playoffs so far have been valiant, many are unsure sure if it will be enough to stop their rivals in the East, the Boston Celtics.

Lebron and Cavs are already behind two games as they dropped both Game 1 and 2 to the Celtics. The Cavs are now heading back to Cleveland facing a must win situation in Game 3. As to whether or not Lebron can carry the Cavs to yet another miraculous come back is uncertain.

Not only that, but many NBA analysts predict that this season will be Lebron’s final season with the Cavs as he will look to become a free agent this summer, possibly joining another team. Some of the teams brought up when discussing where Lebron will be playing next year are the Philadelphia 76’ers and the Houston Rockets, with teams like the San Antonio Spurs as a dark horse in the pursuit for Lebron.

All in all, this playoff series could determine a lot for not only the future of the Cavs, but the entire NBA as well. Where Lebron plays next year will have a big impact on other teams and championship odds. Furthermore, the Eastern Conference Finals are making it much more clear that Lebron needs more help, and whether or not the Cavs’ front office can get that for him is a big question mark.

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