Ten Things to do this Summer

Some people feel like there’s nothing to do during summer but here are some ideas.

summer fun

summer fun

By Hannah Escochea, staff writer

Some people just sit around during the summer bored, doing nothing, because they think there’s nothing to do. Well here are 10 things to do in the summer. 

1. Ride bikes, it’s a fun thing to pass time, and you’ll feel the warm summer breeze. 

2. Fly a kite. Some may think it’s a kid thing to do, but it’s a quite fun thing to do on a perfect windy day. 

3. Go swimming! That’s a fun and cooling thing to do on a hot summer day.  

4. On a beautiful sunny day have a picnic with family, friends, or someone special.  

5. Go to the zoo! See the cute animals and enjoy the hot sun rays. 

6. Go camping, it’s always fun to go camping and be with nature.  

7.  Go to a drive-in movie, those are always fun to go to. You get to bring your own goodies. 

8. Take a road trip somewhere Texas. The state is huge so there are many places to visit.  

9. Make a scrapbook of your summer fun so you’ll have memories to look back on.  

10. Go fishing!  Fishing is so fun and a great way to pass time. It’s exciting when you go bass fishing and you catch a big bass you didn’t expect.