Battlefield V: Revolutionary or More of the Same

A game that aims higher than its predecessor.

By Josh Manus, Staff writer

Battlefield V is the latest edition in the long running Battlefield series. The game developers DICE and EA are forcing usual lone wolves and snipers to become active supporters and involved players. Battlefield  1, a game that was entirely overpopulated with snipers and campers, didn’t help with the team play. However on CQB maps like Fort de Vaux and Amens the snipers were limited and encouraged more team tactics. Back to the most recent Battlefield installment, due to technological advancements and cutting edge graphics teams, each map is expected to look better and more realistic than its predecessors.

DICE launched a closed beta at the end of June 2018 that gave a selection of PC players a glimpse of what is upcoming in the multiplayer experience. The closed alpha was a small piece of the larger multiplayer side of the full game. The backdrop for the game is a grim and fast paced WWII. The alpha only featured one map, Arctic Fyord, and it is set in a snow-covered mountain range with shell holes and supply crates littering the battlefield.

The beta released much later involved the newest game mode, Grand Operations, featuring an Allied or Axis assault on fortified defenders.  It also incorporates elite units such as paratroopers and commandos. The squads feature of Battlefield games have always been flawed in one way or another, but with the new features added, DICE wishes to fix these issues and encourage a more effective unit.

The developers of Battlefield games have always wanted to create the most realistic FPS, however in games like Battlefield 1 the game featured guns and vehicles that were not seen in military service until much later into the inter-war period of the 1920’s and 30’s, some were not seen at all during this period. So far, the Alpha and Beta have only shown guns and vehicles that actually saw service. One of the main issues with the game is the use of a Bionic arm on one of the main story characters.

This new iteration of the Battlefield franchise aims to take what you know and love about the game series and flip it all upside down.

This new installment comes with new multiplayer features, a revamped campaign, and most importantly, bug fixes from other games. This game will be a stark reminder that the Battlefield series is not dead and has much more to offer to the gaming community.