Where Are They Now: Braden Jackson

Braden Jackson graduated in 2018.

September 25, 2018


Daniela Hernandez

Braden Jackson behind concessions at Cinemark.

Braden Jackson, former Culinary student, is currently not attending college, but is planning to next year. He is living at home and hopes to move out by the age of 21 or 22.

Right now, Jackson is working at Cinemark, but he plans on getting a better job soon.

“I have not given it too much thought but a great idea I had was to be a teacher for a high school,” Jackson said.

Now that he has graduated, he has more freedom and time to do things he enjoys, but he also misses being with friends every second of the day.

“They were the reason high school was worth going to, even some of the teachers I had were amazing people,” Jackson said.

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