Where Are They Now: Coghlan Smith

Coghlan Smith graduated in 2018.

October 23, 2018


Sheridan Smith (left) Coghlan Smith (Middle) Ally Walters (Right)

Coghlan Smith, former Wrangler staff, is working as a waiter at a Mexican restaurant. He works six days a week. For now, he is not attending college because he had enough credits from taking AP classes that he has the opportunity to take a break from school. He wanted to “see what it was like to live without constant academic pressure.”

Smith hasn’t enjoyed being out of school. He loves learning and “working towards something” but now that he’s not, he’s just bored most of the time. Not hanging out with people because he is not a social person, also contributes to his boredom. At school, he was forced to interact with people which is why he did but now that nobody is forcing him, he finds it odd that he’s always alone.

“There are better jobs out there, but I really don’t care about the money, I’m doing it for the experience,” Smith said.

Eventually he wants to start writing novels but in the meantime, he will write articles and copy edit for newspapers.

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