A Different Kind of Electronic Music

By Alexis Grimaldo, Staff Writer

This playlist is made up of songs that aren’t the norm either due to its slow pace and hard beats or abstract sounds. They’re great songs that will transport you if you give them the chance.


TroyBoi – On My Own (feat. Nefera)

YouTube: MrSuicideSheep


Lapsley- Station

YouTube: Clapham Junction

Oh Wonder- Technicolour Beat (Official Audio)

YouTube: Oh Wonder

Two Feet – Her Life

YouTube: Majestic Casual

Two Feet – Twisted

YouTube: MrSuicideSheep

Are You There?

YouTube: Mura Masa

Two Feet – Quick Musical Doodles & S*X

YouTube: Lithuania HQ

Ruelle – Madness

YouTube: Alexias B.


YouTube: Various Artists – Topic

Two Feet- Momentum Ep

YouTube: Intelligent Sound

Two Feet – Same Old Song (S.O.S Part 1)

YouTube: CloudKid

Massacooramaan – Batwings (Kingdom x Divoli S’vere edit)

YouTube: Madjestic Kasual

Piece of Paper

YouTube: Amon Tobin

Bedtime Stories

YouTube: Amon Tobin


All videos and music come from YouTube and the respective artists. Thewrangleronline.com does not claim or own any of the songs or videos.