Halloween Monsters

Learn about the history of monsters.

By Maria Gleason, Staff Writer

Frankenstein is a story written by Mary Shelley that tells the life of Victor Frankenstein and the monster that he created. The story was published on January 1st 1818.

Werewolves are shape-shifting humans that take the form of a wolf when the full moon is out. Werewolves are “found” n Eastern Europe in 1831.

The legend of the vampire started in 1819. Vampires are known to shape-shift into bats and have fangs to suck your blood.

The worlds oldest blood cell count “Iceman” mummy was found 1991 and it was 5,300 years old. The Egyptians were the first to practice mummification.

From 1692-1693 the Salem witch trails occurred and more than 200 people were accused of witch craft. The story of the witch starts from as early as 1692 and still goes on to this day. In some stories witches are seen as evil of good,but know one really knows.