A New Horizon

A New Horizon is setting new standards for competitive racing games.

By Josh Manus, Staff writer

Like its predecessor , Forza Horizon 4 is an open world driving and racing game. You can drive around the countryside or come into the narrow streets of a dense forest. This new installment, like its predecessors, involves drifting, spinning and turning.

Dirty off-road races and regular road races sit side by side in complexity and try to offer a twist with each race being unique in a different aspect. Other exciting races include night races, raining, and inner city races. Players can race against AI opponents, able to tweak the skill level of the AI. In the default server there can be up to 72 players, This is one of the highest capacity servers followed by the Battlefield series.

Forza Horizon 4 is heavily set towards multiplayer challenges and activities. It is full of opportunities to play with friends and make new ones, as it is an open world a player can compare cars in self made car shows. As well as car shows a player can have a chance to find players on the road and challenge them or befriend them.

…the game is  not about collecting cars or having the deepest wallet, the game is about the experience”

Another returning aspect of the famed car collections. Cars and trucks, varying from street cars built for speed and turning radius to trucks built for strength and endurance. The purchasing system in the game remains similar to its predecessor where competing and completing public events and special races.

Ultimately the game is  not about collecting cars or having the deepest wallet, the game is about the experience. Developers Turn 10 Studios and Playground Games have done an excellent job portraying each individual and unique car as well as the landscape of  Great Britain. Aimed towards the casual gamer and the competitive players alike, Overall the game is a fun and enjoyable space for creativity and improvisations as well as fast decision making. I would recommend this to anyone who loves the series, not for the statistics but for the beauty and elegance of the game.