Learn more about Travis Scott, a young artist who has many people excited for ASTROWORLD, November 17th.


By Kobe Hay, Staff Editor

Jacques Webster, known professionally as Travis Scott, is currently one of the most popular rappers in the music industry. He has impacted many teens’ lives around the world. Scott was born in Houston, Texas and has worked his way up to fame through his creativity. He is going on tour this fall after the release of his 3rd debut album (which is the greatest album of the year) and held at No.1 for three weeks straight and is also highly promoted by fans and critics.

His tour ASTROWORLD is going global as he gives his fans an opportunity to experience his home town theme park so his fanbase understands where he comes from and who he is as a person. Nov. 17 is the day he comes back to Houston to put on a show. When Scott goes to a city, he shows major love back just as his fans show to him. After getting arrested for performing a show in Arkansas where he was charged for beginning a riot, he was given the title “King Of Rage.” Ever since that night he was blessed with that name and cherishes it.

As this album makes Scott bigger, his fanbase follows suit. His features consist of Sheck Wes, someone who Scott sees a lot of potential in after signing him to Cactus Jack records, Trippie Redd, Gunna and Alboh Virgil. As he gathers these artist in his line up, he has something up his sleeve and is giving people around the world the show of their lives. Astroworld in Houston will have some rides at the concert and will be one of his and his fans’ biggest accomplishment for making it happen.