Trench by Twenty One Pilots Review

The famous alternative-rock, hip-hop, electronic-pop, artists Twenty One Pilots are back with new album Trench.


New album, Trench, by Twenty One Pilots now available.

By Jaclyn Rodriguez, Social Media Editor

Track 1: Jumpsuit

This song was released early from the album in July of 2018, to give fans a preview of the album to come. This song is a perfect opening, reminding fans exactly what twenty one pilots is: a mixed of genres that perfectly encapsulates all the fears, emotions, and insecurities a person faces.

Track 2: Levitate

This song was something fans probably weren’t expecting. The best song transitions on the album are from Jumpsuit to Levitate, but the two songs couldn’t be more different. Where Jumpsuit is more laid-back — Levitate goes all in, where Jumpsuit is heavy on the beats — Levitate is heavy on the vocals, with a more rap based beat and tone.

Track 3: Morph

The uniqueness of twenty one pilots shines in this song. Starting with a soft electric beat that transitions to hip-hop-like verses, packed with metaphors and deeper meanings, and a chorus that’s in a completely different tone, is at the very heart of twenty one pilots.

Track 4: My Blood

This fan favorite tells the audience that they will have someone by their side no matter what trouble they are in. In addition to questioning life, twenty one pilots often has songs that is meant as motivation for the audience.


Track 5: Chlorine

One of the longer songs on the album, Chlorine has many tone shifts throughout the song. From silence to a sudden beat drop and many different things in between, Chlorine is another favorite on the album.

Track 6: Smithereens

Smithereens will give old twenty one pilots fans a flashback to Tear in My Heart, a love song of sorts from their previous album, Blurryface. Smithereens is like a more matured version of Tear in My Heart, describing all the things the singer would do for his loved one — including getting blown to smithereens.

Track 7: Neon Gravestones

Neon Gravestones is one of the more serious songs on the album. With a slow beat and heavy words, the song describes everything wrong with world and how it can be better.

Track 8: The Hype

After the band’s sudden rise in fame with their last album, Blurryface, The Hype is a song meant to keep them grounded. This song reminds the artists, and others, not to fall into the hype they have because it could easily be taken away.

Track 9: Nico And The Niners

Nico And The Niners is one of the harder songs to understand its meaning, but with a laid-back melody and recurring lyrics the song is just as enjoyable.

Track 10: Cut My Lip

Cut My Lip has an slow and steady beat and lyrics that inspire the audience to keep trying no matter how badly they have messed up or feel incapable of trying.

Track 11: Bandito

Bandito, a word made up by the band and used throughout the album, is the central theme of Trench. Although this song may not describe what a bandito is, the singer claims he is a bandito for his actions.

Track 12: Pet Cheetah

Pet Cheetah is one of the more unexpected song off the album, with its imagery of a pet cheetah to describe the difficulty the singer has faced in the studio and with his music.

Track 13: Legend

As a build-up to the finale, Legend slows down the beat from Pet Cheetah and acts as a “good-bye” to the audience. The song thanks the audience and tells they are the true legends behind the band’s success.

Track 14: Leave the City

As the album comes to end, the singer describes all the struggles he has faced and how he must leave for the best.



Overall, this new album is defiantly different than past albums. A central story is being told throughout each song, something the band had never done before. The last albums where reflections of the singer, Tyler Joseph’s, insecurities, whereas this albums reflects the place he “goes” in his mind to regain control. The band goes a great job of turning a person pain into something universal for all audiences to relate to.