Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, horror movies are a great way to get into the holiday mood. Here are the top 4 movies to watch on Halloween.

By Ashley Wandling, Staff Writer

The Conjuring (R): 

Based on a true story, Caroline and Roger Perron and their 5 kids move to a new house in Rhode Island. When they started noticing odd things about the house, they hired Ed and Lorraine Warren to investigate the paranormal activity. The Warren’s discover the house is haunted by multiple ghosts, which one of them cursed anybody who lives in the house. The Conjuring is a great film for people wanting a haunting film filled with many jump scares.  

A Quiet Place (PG-13):  

One sound, any sound, can make them find you. The monsters can hear it all. A Quiet Place is about a family running, hiding, and staying quiet to prevent them from getting killed. Protecting the children is their main priority, and the tiniest sound causes a consequential death by the monsters of the world. A Quiet Place will leave you holding your breath and with chills up your back. 

It (R): 

Pennywise the clown travels the sewers, capturing children when they are alone. When 7-year-old Georgie goes missing after his paper boat falls down the sewer in the rain, his friends begin to investigate. They discover there is a clown that goes by the name Pennywise who travels by sewer. He attacks when children are alone and most vulnerable to danger and takes the form of the kid’s fears.  

Insidious (PG-13): 

When Dalton falls into a coma after hearing strange noises in the basement, paranormal things began to happen. Renai finds a bloody hand print on Dalton’s bed, sees figures in Cali’s room, and more paranormal things related to Dalton. They hire a demonologist, who figures out Dalton is stuck in another world. The demonologist must figure out what’s wrong and save Dalton from the other world.


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