Macho Man Volleyball recap


The second annual Macho Men Volleyball game was held Friday, March 8 at George Ranch. The seniors, who called themselves the “Green Goonies,” were coached by Ajah Barnes and Kayla Carey. The juniors were coached by Jessica Janer and Gabby Hernandez and had the team name “Game Changers.”

Team captains were Karson Land and Clay Lenderman for the seniors and juniors, respectively.  Both teams were confident with their chances of winning, and both teams’ coaches hoped for a dominant victory. The two teams practiced heavily several times weekly to prepare for the game, and the game was a competitive one.

The juniors won the first game convincingly, scoring 15 to the senior’s 11. The two teams then switched sides in the court to begin the second game. The seniors started off strong, at one point leading the game 13 to 7, with only two points left for the victory.

It was then that junior Doug Beddingfield went up to serve the ball.  This began a momentum change in the game where the juniors scored several consecutive points while preventing the seniors from scoring. They finally caught up from six points down to tie the game.

The seniors ended this run with a point of their own, which was followed with another point for the juniors. The seniors then scored another point to reach 15, but due to the rule that a team must win by two, the game kept going and became a suspenseful and thrilling one. The two teams went back and forth until the seniors won the second game 25 to 23, resulting in a tie.