Assassins Creed Odyssey

All of what we love about Assassins Creed

By Josh Manus, Staff Writer

When naming this new iteration of the Assassins Creed game, the developers chose Odyssey. They weren’t fooling around. Like the Odysseys of Homer, it is an adventure across many islands to get home.

While this may hold some companies back, Assassins Creed is exclusively single player, which opens new paths for campaigns to come. One of the benefits of having an exclusive single player game is the focus-to-detail on each cut scene and each prop in the setting.

Assassins Creed is set in the very distant past; ancient Greece to be exact. Overall, the setting and the graphics are amazing.  The ambiance is authentic yet has a hint of dê jâ vu from older Assassins Creed games. Some of these aspects include the shield mechanic and the iconic pitched pose.

The developer, Ubisoft, has implemented what the series is iconic for, its realistic but fantasized story mode. Assassins creed has completed its journey of being a stealthy silent game to a full fledged roll playing game.

For the first time in the series you can choose to play as a man [Alexios] or as a woman [Kassandra].

Assassins Creed Syndicate is an exception as the game only has specific engagements as the player playing as a woman. This new game has a choice to be a man or woman through to the end of the campaign.

Furthermore, the overall realism of the game is overshadowed by a massive story aspect. The timeline that the player is in is inside a simulator in the future, and near the end of the campaign the story gets a bit convoluted and messy, filled with plot holes and unanswered questions. Yet despite these shortcomings the game has had relatively good ratings and sales.