Album Review: Cabin by The Sea from The Dirty Heads

Album Review: Cabin by The Sea from The Dirty Heads

The Dirty Heads were founded in 1996, by Jared “Dirty J” Watson and Dustin “Dubby B” Bushnell in Orange Country, CA. They released their first hit single Lay Me Down on June 24, 2010 followed by their debut album Any Port In the Storm. Their first single off their new album was Spread Too Thin released on March 9, 2012. Then the entire album, Cabin by The Sea, was released on June 9, 2012.

They keep their style of a care-free beach-love. I absolutely adore this about The Dirty Heads. Cabin by The Sea begins with a short intro song, Arrival, with soothing beach sounds in the background. The second track is their latest single and is the title track, Cabin by The Sea. This is one of my favorites off this album. It’s all about taking a day away from life and just relaxing with people and friends you love.

The album includes a few love songs throughout such as Your Love, Best of Us, and Love Letters. These are very sweet songs to listen to. They also have songs just about having fun with friends like Dance All Night and Disguise, which is no surprise at all. The Dirty Heads have always had a carefree spirit.

Mongo Push is another one of my favorite tracks, featuring Rome. It is basically about not caring what others think about you. Their song Smoke Rings has one of the best spoken word intros I have heard in a song. Notice and Day by Day are great songs about moving on from a relationship. Farewell is the last track that is very short with no lyrics and a great conclusion to the album.

If you have never heard of The Dirty Heads, I highly recommend listening to both of their albums.