The Dark Side of Thanksgiving

Conflict in the colonies.

By Josh Manus, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is usually a festive and cheerful time of year, but it also has a dark side.

The original story of the first Thanksgiving is a cheerful one; however, peace is fragile, and in just a generation that peace would be shattered by a devastating war that would engulf the colonies in blood.

Nearly a generation later colonists would not know anything like what they had for those three short days. 

Before the compromise of the Mayflower, there was conflict. When the first Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts, the first thing the Native Indians thought was that it was an invasion and that the Pilgrims were there to take their land. This lead to almost never ending conflict and a struggle to survive.

Tensions were higher than ever at that three-day feast…

But for a short time, there was peace and quiet.