World of Warships

The odd one out

By Josh Manus, Staff Writer

Like World of Tanks, World of Warships is an extremely versatile game with a variety of different versions from PC to console. Unlike World of Tanks this game takes place at sea and involves naval combat with a hint of ariel combat.

The game has an option for the player to be a slow-moving heavy hitting battleship or the terror of the game, a destroyer. The reason the destroyer is such a terror is not because of the big guns but because depending on the tier a single destroyer can unleash five to ten High-Explosive torpedoes. Being armed to the teeth has its downsides, a typical destroyer is usually fast and lightly armored. Enough about destroyers and let’s move on to the average ship. Not too fast and not too heavily armed cruisers are the bread and butter of any fleet. They can perform an escorting roll for carriers or go on the offensive and even go head to head with battleships, using their higher speed and higher rate of fire to outperform almost any ship of the same class and tier.

Wargaming, the same company to produce World of Tanks, did an amazing job with the design of their maps. One of the main problems with the game is the physics, an example would be a ship running aground. When such an event happens the ship spins uncontrollably until the course is altered. Another problem is the plain way that when a ship is destroyed; it sinks in the same way no matter the way it is sunk. A way that they could improve this is to simulate an ammo rack explosion or torpedoes making visible holes in the hull.

The game is an exciting experience with many different classes and strategies to choose from. ”

In addition to being a great experience, the game includes the best parts of other titles like one step matchmaking, from World of Tanks. or the behavior of aircraft from World of War Planes. As a result, it is one of the most smooth running naval-based games and comes highly recommended by fans and gamers.