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Rachel Titiriga Flickr CCO Creative Commons

It Happens at Night…

The supernatural is no stranger to him. Generation after generation has acquired the ability, and Jason Alarcon is no exception. Read more to discover just what bizarre experiences he has gone through...

February 1, 2019

You’re sitting alone in your house watching TV at night. Everyone has gone to bed, and you’re about to follow suit when you hear something. There’s a faint whisper echoing down the hall. You think maybe someone has woken up, but you don’t recognize the voice. You sit frozen for a second, waiting… listening. When you don’t hear anything else, you turn your focus back to the TV until you hear the whisper again, but this time it’s closer. Your stomach drops, and your heart starts to pound. Another whisper but this time, you can feel someone’s breath blow over your face. You slowly turn your head and you see the ugliest face you’ve ever seen in your life.  

You scream like you’ve never screamed before, and without even realizing it, you’re on your feet running for the hills. Little do you know that this is just your first encounter. You can see and hear the dead. 

Jason Alarcon has been able to see spirits since he was little. His great aunt was a sibling of seven or eight, and when they learned she had the ability to see the dead, they picked on her and tormented her. One day she got angry and she told her siblings that from then on, their children and the children after theirs would experience what she experienced. They would be the very freaks that they used to pick on. Now, Jason, his sister, and his kids can see spirits as well.  

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“My first experience was when I was little. My mom and dad were still together, and we were living out of an apartment. I was in the closet grabbing my toys with the door open, and the light went out. The door shut on me, and then… all I saw was this big ugly face. I can’t describe it, but it was just an ugly face. It scared the crap out of me. I tried to run out, but the door was locked and then all of a sudden, I don’t know what happened, the door just opened, and I ran,” Jason said. 

When he told his parents what he saw, they checked and didn’t find anyone. His mom later explained that a lot of stuff happened in that house. She believed that the dead followed Jason’s father around. His father later moved into a house and got a dog named Princess. She had a puppy, a little male boxer named Corruro, who was shot one day. A few weeks later, as Jason was laying in his bed, he heard something scratching at his door.  

“All of a sudden, I just feel two dog paws on me. I look because my other dog, his mom, used to always like to sleep at the end of my bed. I thought it was her, so I’m like, ‘what’s the matter Princess? You need to get out or something?’ I look and she’s just laying there at the end of my bed. Then I feel the dog panting, and it sounded deep like my male dog’s voice. As soon as I turned, I could feel him breathing. I was like, “Corruro is that you?” and then all of a sudden, he gets off of me and I could feel movement. I was like, “Oh I guess he’s here.” Princess got up and looked and walked to the side of the bed and was just standing there looking. She stood there for a while and then she turned around and went to lay down and then that pressure was gone.” 

Corruro only visited once, but his dad’s house had plenty of other spirits roaming around. Jason knew exactly how many ghosts were present in that house and always knew where they were most of the time. In the living room there was a couch against the stairs and a couch against a wall that was covered by a mirror. Right beside that couch was a single chair where one spirit, an older woman, liked to sit and knit. One day when Jason was going to take Princess out and was going downstairs, he felt something.  

“I felt like something was looking at me. I felt like this real bad pressure… like someone’s staring at you but you just don’t know where it’s at. I started looking and as soon as I look in the mirror, I see the older lady just stop knitting and looking. She’s looking at the mirror and looking at me at the stairway. And I was like, “Yep, nope I’m not going down, so I turn right back around and go back upstairs,” Jason said. 

In his early twenties, Jason met a girl named Monique. Monique used to live in an apartment with her friends, and once Jason began to date her, her apartment was a common place they would be together. One night, when the apartment was overwhelmingly loud, they decided to sit in her car and just talk and listen to music. Jason was sitting in the driver’s seat, turned to give his full attention to Monique when he saw something out of the corner of his eye.

Jason locked eyes with the spirit, and the ghost came back around and stood next to him, staring right at him through the window.

“I could just see in the corner of my eye something move. I looked in the rear-view mirror and I see it go around the car. When I look forward, like where the steering wheel was, looking at the front of the car, out the corner of my eye I could see there was someone there standing. So, I ask her, ‘Hey is there anybody standing next to me?’ and she was like, ‘No?’ and I’m like ‘Well, there’s someone standing, I see something there and I’m pretty sure I know what it is.’” 

Jason locked eyes with the spirit, and the ghost came back around and stood next to him, staring right at him through the window. He tried to ignore it. He knew that once you pay attention to them, they’ll come to you. You become the middle man between the dead and the living. Once spirits realize you can see or hear them, they try to convince you to pass a message to someone or they continue to harass you for attention.  

“So, at that time I was just trying to ignore it real hard and then it was just there the whole entire time, and then I looked at it and said, ‘Can you just go away and just leave me alone!’ I feel it looking at me and then it just walks away.”

At that time, Jason was able to see the ghosts around him and could even hear them sometimes. When he had his first daughter, Aliyah, his ability got stronger. Jason was able to see and hear spirits all the time. When his second daughter, Jocelyn, was born, everything went away. He couldn’t hear or see any spirits for two years. When he moved into a house with Monique and the kids, his ability slowly began to reappear.  

“I was able to hear little kids running around, and I would hear kids cry and I mean, when I heard kids cry, I would always think it was Jocelyn or Aliyah and no, they would be sound asleep. So, the only other explanation is that there are little kids spirits in the house and sure enough there is. But after Victor was born, it came back to me. I was able to see them. I was able to see them, but I was not able to hear them. I could see them trying to say something to me, but I couldn’t hear them,” Jason said.  

Jason soon learned that his kids could see spirits too, even his baby boy, Victor. Jocelyn sees them the most, though. She’ll play with them or say that she doesn’t like a spirit, scared and trembling. Jocelyn would always play with the two kid spirits in the house, mostly talking to them in her room.  

“It’s funny at the moment but if you think about it it’s kind of creepy. When our friend Jonathan was still living at the house, we had this one night where we were having dinner and I guess Jonathan started messing with Jocelyn. Jocelyn got mad and was just like, ‘If you keep messing with me, I’m going to get my friends on you.’ We all got this really bad chill and we were like, ‘Woah no hey no! Calm down!’ It was funny at the moment but if you think about it you’ll be like, ‘Uh no. Don’t say that, don’t do that.’ because for her to come and say, ‘Hey I’m going to get my friends on you,’ I’m like first of all you weren’t in school yet so what are you talking about? The only friends we knew she had was the little kid spirits,” Jason explained. 

Victor has seen spirits too. He would crawl around his grandma’s house and freeze right at the foot of the stairs, staring at something at the very top. He wouldn’t move until his grandma would carry him away or if the spirit left.  

“One time we had come back to the house and I had Victor in my arms. I’m taking him out of the car seat, I have him in my left arm and then Victor looks towards the driveway and starts saying, ‘Hi.’ He starts waving his hand and laughing and I look and I’m like, ‘Who are you talking to? There’s nobody there.’ but I mean it’s because he saw there was somebody on the driveway and he was just laughing and saying hi. But I mean little kids can tell if they are bad or good. I’m pretty sure if it was a bad spirit he probably would have started crying or, I don’t know, done something different, had a negative reaction to seeing it,” Jason explained. 

Victor never wanted to go into the kitchen of the apartment Jason moved into a few years later after splitting up with Monique. Victor would not take a step into the kitchen and would stand there and wait for Jason to go in and come out.

When Jason started to have astral body experiences, he was able to see exactly what terrified Jocelyn.

“He saw that there was something there. I didn’t see anything maybe because it only presented itself to Victor, but I mean other than that I didn’t see anything. One time I saw something walk and go into the room and then came back out and just disappeared,” Jason said. 

All of the kids, especially Jocelyn, continued to be terrified of the bad spirit still present in Monique’s house. Jocelyn never wanted to sleep by herself in the bedroom or sleep with the lights off. When Jason started to have astral body experiences, he was able to see exactly what terrified Jocelyn. While he was asleep, he came out of his body and as soon as he saw himself and turned around, he was suddenly at his old house.  

“I literally was physically able to see the two little kids that I always hear at the house running around playing and then I finally saw the bad spirit Jocelyn was so terrified of. The only bad thing about it is I can’t see details about how it looked but I was able to tell that it’s a black figure. It’s just lingering around the house and the main areas that it likes to be is in the master bedroom. I saw it walk all the way to the kids’ room. If the door was cracked open, it would stay in the corner behind the cracked door and the wall in that little gap. It wouldn’t go forward, it would just stay there. I don’t know if it was because it couldn’t go further like closer to the beds where the kids were at, but when I saw that happen, I just started screaming, ‘You need to get out of here. You’re not welcome in this house. You need to get out!’ but it didn’t do anything. It just stayed there and then walked out.” 

When Jason got back in his body, he was freezing cold. He believes that the longer you’re out of your body, the colder your body is when you get back in. He then explained that it’s extremely difficult to see details of the spirits. Mostly all he sees is the body so he knows that it’s a person. It’s even harder to distinguish what a bad spirit looks like.  

“Usually if they’re bad spirits and they don’t want you to see them, they’re just a black figure. You can’t even describe who they are. I can’t see who it is cause all I see is a black figure. I know it’s a person cause it’s like a shadow. If they’re good spirits, you can describe how they look and what they are. When they’re bad spirits, you won’t see how they actually look, and the only reason why is because they know they’re bad spirits and they don’t want you to get rid of them. Once you know who they are, you can get rid of them easily,” Jason explained.  

Jason said that the scariest thing that he’s been through was being possessed.

Getting rid of a spirit usually isn’t urgent. Jason believes that a spirit can’t hurt you unless they really want to. Spirits usually want to mess with you, opening and closing cabinets and throwing stuff around just to get attention. There are some cases, though, that involve spirits who are angry about being dead or don’t know they’re dead and are desperately trying to defend their homes and personal possessions. When they’re angry, they lash out.

“I haven’t had that experience. I don’t know what would happen to me if I had that experience. Yeah you see stories and movies about that and most of the time what you see is true. People who get possessed by a bad spirit, they get affected by it, but I mean there’s always a way to take care of it and find a cure and let your body heal,” Jason explained. 

Jason said that the scariest thing that he’s been through was being possessed. He had just come back from visiting Monique’s mom in the hospital, back when him and Monique were still together. Her mom, Miranda, had just had a surgery and asked Monique and Jason to look after her house. At the time, Jason couldn’t see spirits, but he could hear them. He could hear that there was at least one man and woman in Miranda’s house.  

“We had just come back from the hospital and it was late at night. We were in Miranda’s room sitting on the bed talking when all of a sudden I started asking Monique, ‘Hey where’s you mom at? What room and what floor is she on?’ We just came back from over there and then all of a sudden, I just realized, ‘Did I just ask you this?’ Apparently right when that happened, Miranda’s little roller table moved, and she felt this pressure at the end of her bed. I told Monique, ‘I guess call your mom and let her know what just happened.’ Miranda was like, ‘Ah! Why would you do that? No wonder my table moved, and I just felt this pressure on my bed!’ That just freaked me out because just the fact that it’s just that in that split second it just happened. It’s happened to me twice according to what they said when we drove on Patterson road.”  

Patterson road is a well-known haunted place in Texas. The forest surrounding the road is said to be haunted by Civil War Soldiers. Strange noises can sometimes be heard, and some have claimed to see human figures in the trees or eyes flashing through the thick forest. It was this road that Jason was driving down with Monique and Jonathan. 

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“They said that I was talking to them and then all of a sudden, I was just quiet and then I had a different accent and I was talking to them. Apparently, I was a soldier or, I don’t know, somebody from the military. I was just in the car with them talking to them about whatever it was,” Jason said. 

Jason didn’t remember anything when it happened, and when Monique and Jonathan told him what he’d said, he had no idea what they were talking about. When he can, though, Jason does what he can to protect himself from being possessed or messed with by spirits. He tries to make sure some part of his body is always crossed, usually his legs. Some say that crossing parts of your body is like locking it. Ignoring the ghosts is probably the best way to go since they tend to vanish a lot sooner. Jason has tried especially hard to teach his kids how to deal with the spirits. Since Aliyah is the oldest, and she’s had a good amount of her own encounters, she takes her dad’s advice more seriously. Aliyah is just happy that she is able to see the grandmother who passed away on her mom’s side. Being able to see her grandma almost makes up for the fact that like her sister Jocelyn, she can see the bad spirit in Monique’s house. Jason had to learn just like his kids and everyone else in the family how to live with the ability he’d been given and not let his fear consume his life. 

“It’s a natural thing that few people are chosen to have this ability. You can just teach yourself and learn how to control it. Once you can control it, it can’t hurt you.”


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