Howdie Jacob Wilson!

Jacob Wilson is a senior at George Ranch. He has been on varsity baseball since freshman year. Wilson has just recently committed to play baseball at the next level.


By Joshua Frank, Writer

The Wrangler: Where will you be taking your baseball talents?

Wilson: I will be attending Cisco college between Fort Worth and Abilene.

The Wrangler: Prior to getting offered or committing, did you ever think high school will be the last time you play baseball?

Wilson: I knew that I’d play college baseball somewhere, I just didn’t know where.

The Wrangler: What are you most nervous about when getting to college?

Wilson: I think staying focused is one of the hardest things to do in college baseball.

The Wrangler: How do you think you’ll be able to manage school work and practice?

Wilson: I think if I stay focused I’ll be able to get everything done.

The Wrangler: How did your friends and family react when you got offered?

Wilson: My friends and family were super excited and proud of me!

The Wrangler: What were your biggest struggles?

Wilson: Definitely being 5’7. It’s not easy getting colleges to look at you when you are one of the smallest guys on the field.

The Wrangler: What is the main thing you learned from playing baseball?

Wilson: That no matter what, you will fail, it’s how you bounce back that will determine your success with what you are doing.

The Wrangler: What recommendation would you give to somebody wanting to play baseball in college?

Wilson: The main thing would be to show scouts that you love the game.

The Wrangler: Who’s pushed you the most to succeed and what have they done to get you to that point?

Wilson: My coach, Brian Fisher, from Under Armor Prospect United. No one has wanted me to succeed more than him. If anyone deserves credit for my success in baseball, it would be him.

The Wrangler: Do you know any of the players on the team and how well do you think you’ll connect with them?

Wilson: I have two friends already playing at Cisco and I’m super excited to go play with them again!