Online School v. Traditional Education

Which one do you think is better? The decision is yours.


By Walid Rashid, Staff Writer

Can you imagine doing school from home? For many students that would be impossible, but for many others, it is the best way for them to learn. I have personally done both and both have great pros and cons. School is a very important part of our lives. Online school is an option that exists for students who want to learn in a different environment than traditional schools. Traditional schools have been there for a long time and work well for a large majority of students. Traditional and online schools have obvious differences to meet the needs of individual students, but they also have many similarities that people are unaware of.

Traditional school is when students go to an environment filled with social interaction. One positive aspect for students who go to public schools is that they learn in a way where they have face to face experience. Although at times the environment may be distracting students from their education, it is a great way to gain experience. For example, a student who goes to traditional school has a schedule which is planned out by the teachers. A con is that the schedule in a traditional school is rigid having little or no flexibility.

An online school is when students learn in a virtual setting; the setting consists of teachers who teach online while the resources are also virtually used. Students who learn in an online school learn independence and responsibility skills. One of the great things about an online school is the flexibility of the schedule. For those who have busy schedules, it is a great option to fit into the schedule for many people.  However, if students don’t manage time wisely they will fall behind and it can turn into a big problem. Another issue would be having social interaction since the students have virtual learning it is harder to meet people and work on social skills.