Howdie Mario Lule!

Mario Lule is a senior at George Ranch and is involved in both xc and band.


Ashley Wandling

Mario Lule (12).

By Ashley Wandling, Staff Writer

The Wrangler: How does it feel to be a senior?

Lule: It’s a big relief high school is almost over, and I’m almost an adult.

The Wrangler: What’s the most difficult part about being a senior?

Lule: Trying not to get senioritis in the 1st semester.

The Wrangler: What do you think of senioritis?

Lule: It is real and I have fallen to it.

The Wrangler: Throughout high school, how did you balance extra curricular activities and school?

Lule: Staying up late at nights doing homework, and having study groups with my friends.

The Wrangler: What would you say was the hardest part of high school?

Lule: My main group of friends quit band, and I had to find a new group of friends.

The Wrangler: What grade would you say was the most challenging?

Lule: Sophomore year was hard because I took my first AP class that year.

The Wrangler: What motivated yourself to keep pushing through to senior year?

Lule: Graduation, and I need a high school degree to become a Marine.

The Wrangler: How do you think high school has prepared you for life?

Lule: It has prepared me for the basics of life, [but] not really prepared me for the struggle of life responsibilities.

The Wrangler: What are you planning to do after high school?

Lule: Go to the Marines.

The Wrangler: Why do you want to go into the Marines?

Lule: For me, for my future family, to protect my country that holds my family and friends, so they can pay for my school, and so I can build a better character and say I am a US Marine.