Howdie Trinity Moody!

Trinity Moody is a junior involved in varsity theater. Get a look at the passion she has for theater.

By Minou De Los Santos, Staff writer

Wrangler: How long have you been in theater and what attracted you to it?

Moody: I have been in theater for six years. I wanted an outlet where I could express myself without being judged and I’ve always been attracted to the stage.

Wrangler: What is your favorite thing about theater?

Moody: The people I meet. I get to learn so much from people I interact with and when we perform a show we become a family.

Wrangler: What are some challenges in theater?

Moody: Trying to embody yourself in another character.

Wrangler: Do you enjoy theater and why?

Moody: Yes, it’s my entire life. I enjoy it because lets me be a part of something bigger than I am.

Wrangler: When did you first start acting and found out you loved it?

Moody: My first show was at Polly Ryon and I found out I liked theater but when I first fell in love with it was when I played Tinker Bell in the Lost Boy play freshman year and I realized it was something I want to do my whole life.

Wrangler: How has theater helped you?

Moody: It has opened my eyes to different perspectives of the world and it has shown me many different things about theater, not just the stage but stuff going on behind stage.

Wrangler: What has been your favorite play and why?

Moody: I think my favorite play would be Seussical because of the unity the cast had which made the show better.

Wrangler: How is the George Ranch theater team?

Moody: Amazing! I have been to other high schools and worked for them, theater-wise and I feel our team is the best. the students work very good together and that’s very important.

Wrangler: Do you get any scholarships because of theater?

Moody: Yes, at the end of the year the theater department writes a scholarship for one student and there is a convention where we audition for college scholarships.

wrangler: What do you plan to do after high school?

Moody: I plan to study theater in college. I’m applying to many colleges with theater programs and my teacher is helping me.