Where Are They Now: Katlynn McKenzie

Katlynn Mckenzie graduated in 2018.

December 19, 2018


Photo provided by subject.

Kat is enjoying her college life.

Katlynn McKenzie, a former member of The Wrangler staff, is now attending Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming. She is majoring in Photographic Communications and is taking six classes for the first semester and four classes for the spring semester.

“It was easy because I knew it was what I needed and what would make me happy. It was difficult because I was moving away from my family and my friends,” McKenzie said.

For her, moving away from home was easy and hard. She misses the food and the heat. Wyoming is extremely cold for someone who has lived in Texas for all her life. And she can’t come home very often because airplane tickets are expensive, so she’ll only be able to come in May when her classes end. She misses Texas a lot, but is much happier in Wyoming. She has even considered moving over there because her health, both mental and physical, has improved.

A huge factor in her wanting to move to Wyoming is the positive experience she’s had at her college. Compared to high school, college has been a great change. She’s been allowed more down time to explore her numerous interests and has more freedom in self-expression.

“I miss Texas a lot, but I am much happier here.” McKenzie said.





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