Girls’ Track is Runner Up at District 23-4A meet

The George Ranch girls’ track team fought a hard battle at the District 23-4A meet Thursday, April 11, and came home as the runner up. Senior Brennan Flannery, juniors Ellie Gonzales, Rachel Lapierre, Otito Omeludike and Heather Haig, sophomores Ezinne Eke, Geordann Yelder, Chigozie Ogbonna and Lily Egege will head to the Regional meet April 26 and 27.

Flannery placed third in shot put and second in discus. Omeludike placed fourth in long jump and third in triple jump while freshman Enaya White earned sixth in long jump and triple jump. Lapierre placed third in high jump while junior Jenna Hancock placed fifth. Gonzales placed second in pole vault. Ogbonna, A’Leah Hudson, Aja Willis and Mikala Everett placed third in the 400 meter relay. Eke placed second in the 800 meter run, while Alexis Aikens placed third. Everett placed fifth in the 100 meter dash while Hudson placed sixth. Willis, Latricia Dozier, Geordann Yelder and Everett placed in the 800 meter relay. Ogbonna placed first in the 400 meter dash, while Omeludike placed second. Yelder placed second in the 200 meter dash while Willis placed sixth. Haig placed second in the mile run, while Alexis Aikens placed fifth. In the mile relay, Egege, Omeludike, Yelder and Ogbonna placed first.