Restaurant Review: Piola

Piola: Famosi per la Pizza


By Daniela Hernandez, Online Editor

Walking around the streets of Montrose, my friends and I came across this cute, edgy pizza place. At first, we assumed that it was an Italian restaurant because, well, pizza. But it turns out that this restaurant has Brazilian influence. The decor ranges from Italian to Brazilian to Chinese. They have a map of China and a painting of the Great Wall. They also have a really big bar filled with so many different options of alcohol, but you will only be able to enjoy that if you are 21+.

One of their pizza options is called Rio de Janeiro (a city in Brazil) which has “oven baked pulled chicken breast, catupiry cheese and a dash of parsley.” They also have a Brazilian soda called Guarana. It’s delicious. It tastes like cherry Sprite but not an overwhelming taste of cherry.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, do not go here. I usually pay approximately $30 for just me. A few days ago, I went with some friends and when we got the check, we CHOKED! We didn’t realize how much we had ordered and the check turned out to be almost $200. We had to split it three ways so each of us paid around $70. The pizzas range from $13-$16. They also have pasta, salads, chicken, and beef. But they’re famous for their pizzas.

There are two locations in Houston, one on 1415 S Voss Rd. and the other one of 3201 Louisiana St. I’ve gone to both locations. The one on Voss Rd. is a little more family oriented. It’s big and quiet while the one on Louisiana St. is smaller, louder and filled with young adults. The first time we went to the Louisiana┬áStreet location my friends and I weren’t sure if we were even allowed in because everybody was drinking and it was very late. Go with your friends to that one, but if you want to take your family, go to the other one. They’ll enjoy it more.