Advantages of Attending Community College

Here’s a few reasons why sticking with a local school may be the best for you.

By Joshua Frank, Staff Writer

As graduation approaches, many students look to a community college to meet their needs. Community colleges offer many advantages such as, cheaper schooling, smaller classes, and opportunities to transfer. With classes being smaller at a community college, professors can have more hands on with the students. This can be nice for students that ask lots of questions and like to learn at their own pace. Students will have more personal attention and one-on-one with the professor.

I’m attending because I don’t know what I want to study and pursue for college yet”

— Nico Velazquez

Paying for college is the real deal breaker, with annual tuition reaching to tens of thousands of dollars. Community college can charge up to only a couple thousand for tuition, saving students from a pile of debt. For students who struggled in high school, community college can be a good way to ease into the higher education and learn their own pace. Many students simply just don’t have the grades in high school to attend a major college. If a student attends a community college for about a year, major colleges will look at their GPA from the community college and not at their high school scores. Students may not know exactly what they want to do after high school, but taking a few community classes can get their minds made up.

Enrolling in community college doesn’t have to be the final destination. Students attending a community college can look into transferring to a desired college to earn their bachelor’s degree. All high school students should look into community college to see if attending would be the best option for them. Do not be ashamed to go to a community college for it could help you and your future for the rest of your life.