Howdie Jenifer Phan!

Jenifer Phan is a junior who aspires to work in the medical field one day to help and save others.


Bukola Moyosore

Jenifer phan, who is area secretary of HOSA.

By Bukola Moyosore, Staff Writer

The Wrangler: Are you participating in any programs? If so, what is it?

Phan: I’m in HOSA ! HOSA- future health professionals is a club for students who are interested in medicine.

The Wrangler: Are you in any leadership positions?

Phan: Yes, I’ve been HOSA’s Area Secretary since my sophomore year, and that inspired me to be a leader.

The Wrangler: When did you join HOSA?

Phan: I joined the club in my freshman year, not really knowing which path I wanted to take in the medical field.

The Wrangler: How has HOSA inspired you?

Phan: Being part of this organization allowed me to connect with various medical professionals and get a glimpse of the different positions professions. Through HOSA, I was inspired to become an anesthesiologist. So in a way, HOSA has not only allowed me to be more informative of my career path, but it’s also prompted my confidence.

The Wrangler: How do members compete in HOSA?

Phan: Well HOSA ranges from the district level, all the way up to internationals. You can compete for a variety of things such as being an officer, or can compete for different events. Whether you prefer debating, hands-on exam, paper exam, or even drawing, there’s always a competitive event in HOSA that lines up with your preference.

The Wrangler: What activities do you usually do in HOSA?

Phan: At George Ranch, we host annual socials, participate in fundraisers and donation projects together, and just a few months ago, HOSA member got to see the Rockets game! Those who make is Area/State/Internationals get to travel with us to different places and participate in the activities hosted at the events.

The Wrangler: What college do you plan on going to? Will it help your career path?

Phan: I’ve already started applying to a few colleges since I’m graduating this year, but I’m not sure which one I’m going to pick yet (if I get accepted). I want in biology or chemistry. These are both good majors to transition into med school and I love both of them.

The Wrangler: What advice would you want to give to people that would want to join HOSA?

Phan: If you want to join, I hope you’re ready to study hard and play even harder! The HOSA competitions are no joke and can get really intense. All the officers and advisors want to make sure their members are trying their very best.

The Wrangler: Did you go through any obstacles when you joined HOSA? 

Phan: I did. In order to place in the Officer test, let alone even get slated for a position, I had to work really hard, I can have the attention span the size of a pebble and that wasn’t very helpful the night before the test. Everything ended up working out though, it just took a lot of self-control.

The Wrangler: Is there anything that you would like to add during your past few months of being the Area secretary of HOSA?

Apart from all the stress that comes with competing, you get to have fun and grow closer with your chapter the longer you are in HOSA.