George Ranch Varsity Basketball V. Pearland Oilers

Longhorns varsity basketball defeat the Oilers 45-34.

Coach Jones yelling out plays to his longhorn players.

By Darren Bradby, Staff Writer

Coach Jones yelling out plays to his Longhorn players.
Dalon Dean (12th grade) going up strong against Oilers defense.
Noah Thomasson (12th grade) perfecting his inside pull up jumper.
Devin Davis (12th grade) making a crucial three-pointer.
Stephen Woods (10th grade) trying to make a big defensive stop for the Longhorns.
A hyped Dalon Dean (12th grade) trying to spread his energy with team-mate Ori Limbrick (10th grade).
Ezekiel Wande (12th grade) looking for the open Longhorn to pass the ball too.
Jordan Lewis (10th grade) getting ready to take the open three.
Stephen Woods (10th grade) dribbling the ball up the court.
Dalon Dean(12th grade) trying to blow by the defender.