One of nature's most beautiful moments, when the sun breaks through the trees and lights up the Earth with its golden rays.

Alexis Grimaldo


Happiness isn't a destination. Happiness is a feeling that isn't as rare as people make it out to be.

February 4, 2019

I’ve been sitting here, staring at this paper, not knowing what to say. Almost everything I’ve written and shared has been dark and a fantasy, but just this once, I wanted to write something happy. Something that would make this warm feeling appear in your chest as you’re reading and make a smile appear on your face. I wanted to write something that would give you joy, even if it was fleeting, only for an instant. 

But, as sad as it may be, a truly pure and happy story just isn’t appealing anymore because people see it as unrealistic and unrelatable. People like stories with ups and downs with an unpredictable and uncliche happy ending.  

So, all I can think to do is ask you something…  

When you think of happiness, what exactly do you think of?”

When you think of happiness, what exactly do you think of? If you’re like me, you’re sitting there thinking hard because you live more in the dark rather than the light. If you’re like me, you have a mixture of memories and images from a far past that remind you of what peace and happiness feel like. 

I picture driving in the car listening to music whether that be with my mom while the sun is setting and the sky is that beautiful golden color, or with my dad as we race down empty roads passed the bright lights of the city that light up the night sky. I imagine playing video games on the couch while my dad grilled out on the porch and my mom messed around in the kitchen. I can picture so clearly the adventures I’ve gone on with my friends when we didn’t have to worry about anything else but making it back home in one piece. 

I can also picture simple visions of the soft ocean waves crashing on the clear morning shore. Soft golden sunlight breaking through the leaves of towering trees or glinting off tall weeds that sway softly in the wind. I can feel the rush of wind as I speed foreword, truly understanding what freedom means and feels like. Sitting under a canopy of trees and just feeling connected to myself and everything around me. 

To me, it’s those little moments that may take a little while to conjure up… that’s what happiness is. It doesn’t always have to tie to love… just moments and images that make you feel less cold inside. Happiness isn’t exactly a destination. It is a feeling that people can get more often if they stop trying to force it and just looked around. They just have to find something, no matter how small and how fleeting it may be. Just find something… 

So, I guess my little narrative will have to do. I’m sorry that I couldn’t make up some grand story that would make you smile at how unique it was. I’m just tired of not being able to write something real that I could just put everything out there and be satisfied. For once, I’m writing something for my own happiness… 

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