Where Are They Now: Christian Guillory

Guillory graduated in 2018.

March 4, 2019


Guillory’s official Navy portrait. (Photo submitted by Guillory)

Christian Guillory, former Junior ROTC member is now enlisted in the Navy. He is currently a DC (damage control-man) in which if any damage somehow comes to the ship he is stationed on he is one of the first responders to help fix it.

“We’re going into the affected areas of the ship and putting those fires out and stopping flooding, toxic gas, etc. On a normal day, we’re working on our equipment such as SCBAS (Self-contained breathing apparatus) and PPE (personal protective equipment) to make sure they’re ready for the day we will need them,” Guillory said.

While many students are eager to graduate high school, some do not realize the hardships of one depending on themselves each and every day. For Guillory, the hardest part of graduating high school was being on his own.

“It’s way different, especially being in the military. No parents to wake you up, no one to cook you breakfast, no sleeping in, etc. If you want to eat breakfast, you have to wake up at 0400 (4 AM) to clean up, get in uniform, and go eat. If you’re not up and ready by 0545 (5:45 AM), you’re considered UA (Unauthorized Absence) which is publishable by law,” Guillory said.

But being independent is not all bad, however. While there are other branches of the military that Guillory could have chosen to enter, the Navy was the best fit for him, and it certainly comes with its benefits.

“Getting paid to learn a job and travel the world sounded extremely appealing. Yeah I could’ve joined the Marines or the Army, but not all of them can say they’ve been to Japan, Spain, Korea, Australia in one deployment,” Guillory said.

ROTC stands for Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, and that is a program that George Ranch offers to its students. Guillory was a member throughout his high school career and offers advice to those currently in the program.

“Don’t get comfortable. You’re not in the military yet. I remember doing ROTC thinking I knew everything about the military and how it was going to be a piece of cake. I remember getting handed my uniform the first week of ROTC after paying a $50 rental fee.

In order to wear the uniform of the Navy, I had to get my head shaved, get screamed at and go through 7 weeks of rigorous training with very little contact with my family and the outside world,” Guillory said.

Most important of all, however, is that life is short. People do not live forever. For Guillory, he realizes this and strives to make the best of his life.

“Don’t rush life, we’re not young forever, so go out and enjoy yourself,” Guillory said.

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