The Effects of Social Media on Mental Health

How can something as innocent as social media harm your mental health?

By Ethan McGinty, Staff Writer

The effects of social media can be troubling to some. Many may believe that social media is just a method used to communicate with friends and family, and while it can be used in that way, it can also be taken and used negatively.

Some forms of social media can be used to create distress. Whether it is physical or mental, some social media platforms have been used to harm in one way or another. It can be mentally or physically harmful by consuming your time and energy, almost making you numb and unaware of your surroundings. Some people can even use social media as a weapon, so when they feel ambushed or thrown under the bus they’ll bring you down with them. Say you and a friend have a minor disagreement. Your friend decides to go onto a platform and post something degrading about you- it can mentally affect you and cause self-doubt or insecurity. It can deteriorate your personality and can just make you not yourself.

Celebrities may post tons of photos on a day to day basis, and some people can feel attached to these people. They want to know what the celeb is up to 24/7, making them addicted to the platform all because another human is using it for personal reasons. Kind of similar to being addicted to eating your favorite fast food, while it may not be healthy you love eating it because it tastes good. Personally, some people take a different route, being on social media only once in a while rather than constantly, like eating your favorite food every now and then rather than every day so you can maintain your normal diet.

Social media can connect, can educate, and can kill. SHARE RESPONSIBLY.

— Lululemon

When a person posts a photo and just wants likes or they strictly care about popularity, it may ruin their mental and physical health. Trying to achieve an alter ego that can be perceived online may cause damage to your health. Focusing on popularity can also lead to loneliness as ironic as it sounds; some people who seem “popular” can be unhappy in life and either try to seek more attention or never want to be alone, which can end up leading to an illness that can affect you mentally and physically.

Social media can be considered a problem in society, as people can use it against you, or it can just take over your life. I actually hope to get a phone case with the quote, “social media seriously harms your mental health” by the brand Urban Sophistication. I can use the case as a reminder that I can take a break from social media and be okay; I can take a break from my phone and still be alive. It won’t be the end of the world if I put my phone down. I feel as though some generations can struggle with issues such as loneliness, mental, and physical health. Some people were raised to push through these issues, while others either seek help or just ignore it and hope it goes away.

One thing is for sure, social media is an issue that hasn’t really been addressed or expressed enough. The brand lululemon actually has bags that have inspirational quotes or sayings. There is a bag that was created saying, “Social media can connect, can educate, and can kill. SHARE RESPONSIBLY.” Proving not only a point, but trying to address the need to make society aware of an evolving issue called social media.