The Right to Choose, and the Right to Life

A look inside a controversial topic!

Liliana M.

Every life is precious. So how do you take responsibility for taking away a child’s life from them? Does one have the right to take away the child’s say in whether it has the right of being born or not? People have many different opinions towards the controversial topic about whether a woman should be allowed to keep her child in her womb or not. The only solution is to find common ground and have both sides come to a peaceful conclusion such as making it mandatory to use condoms, birth control or give up the child for adoption.

There are many valid and great arguments that both sides of the issue make. A positive common ground for both sides of the party is to remain careful by using condoms and birth control so that unwanted pregnancies don’t occur and abortions don’t have to be acted upon.”

— Walid Rashid

When asked about the personal views on what he believes about the abortion issue; Fred Siegmund says “I personally think it depends on what medical experts believe is right for the woman.”

Are you Pro-Life?

Many abortions can result in physical or mental abnormalities. Abortion procedures may be deadly to the mother also. There are several ways of getting an abortion and not all are safe. Some believe that a mother who chooses to undergo an abortion at the end of her pregnancy can cause great harm to the child, and it can be considered as murder for taking away the life of a developed child. Pro-life activists want a law where abortion would be banned because of the ideology that human life is important regardless of the circumstance.

There are many great Pro-life activists who are striving on letting people know of the impacts an abortion can make.

According to Camosy who is a board member of Democrats for Life of America: “For example, I am pro-life. I strongly support rights and protections for mothers and children, including prenatal children, and other vulnerable populations. I want to see the laws of this country protect these people as well. In my view, this makes me pro-life. That’s why I use the phrase “prenatal child” where other people would say “fetus.” In the view of those people, and of mainstream news outlets, I am not pro-life; I am anti-abortion. This language allows critics to dismiss me and fellow pro-lifers as single-issue obsessives, which we are not. In recent years abortion-rights supporters moved from using neutral language like “autonomy” and “choice” toward using positive, stigma-defying language. Groups like Planned Parenthood now speak about “abortion care.”

Pro-life activists want to strive for a solution rather than always being portrayed as those who don’t stand for women’s rights but rather as activists who want the best for the child and the mother. Many Pro-life activists try to create various alternatives for mothers who can’t afford to raise a child or don’t have the circumstances too. Alternatives range from creating adoption agencies to child care centers. In fact, it is getting harder to adopt due to many women having abortions and not giving the child away for adoption. There are many credible points that are made by Pro-life activists which can help create a better solution for both sides.

Are you Pro-Choice?

On the contrary, many choose to think that it is the right of a woman to make the decision of aborting since it is her body. At times, a woman might not be ready to have a child due to many conditions, whether that be her job, financial situation, age, or an experience that has traumatized her.

A woman goes through various struggles when experiencing a pregnancy, however to many it a is a blessing.

According to Jennifer Wright goes into detail about the struggles of pregnancy, stating: “We rarely talk about how difficult pregnancy can be. Socially, we often opt to talk about how “pregnancy is a beautiful experience”. But the notion that pregnancy is just this carefree experience doesn’t take into account the vomiting, gestational diabetes, hemorrhoids, bowel problems, incontinence, or any of the common complications that follow pregnancy and birth. Even if you are blessed with an easy pregnancy, some reports say as many as 95 percent of first-time mothers experience vaginal tearing. You’d think that the likelihood of lacerations that require stitches around your genitals alone would discount the rhetoric that a woman can easily just have a baby and put it up for adoption”.

When asked about why she supports pro-choice, Nayab Shah says “sometimes its not the woman’s choice to get pregnant. Many things can go wrong and are not in her control. She should have control over what happens to her body during the pregnancy process.”

There are many struggles during pregnancy, and if a woman decides that her body will not be able to handle it or rather it will cause harm to her body, she may have the right to get an abortion. Many pregnancies are also results of rape, and it is estimated that more than half of US women have had an unintended pregnancy by the age of 45. Rape is a traumatic experience and having the DNA of a rapist running through the blood of the child that will be given birth to is something that many women don’t want. Another statistic this relates to is teen pregnancies, as many women who are in their teens end up pregnant and cannot create a healthy lifestyle for the child after it’s born. Therefore, a woman should have the ultimate decision of how giving birth will impact her life.