Where Are They Now: Zeest Mirza

Mirza graduated in 2018.

May 28, 2019


Photo submitted by Zeest Mirza

Mirza after graduation.

Zeest Mirza was once in Speech & Debate at George Ranch. Currently, she is studying Speech Communication at Houston Community College.

“I’ve always been good at communicating with people. I picked this major because my goal is to go to law school. I am in their Honors program and there are two reasons why I’m going there. First, because they are completely paying for my first two years; classes, books, everything. Second is that I get to take a trip to Europe for my sophomore year during Spring Break for free; paid airfare, hotel, everything,” Mirza said.

Law school is a dream for many, including Mirza, but she has a drive and a motivation towards achieving that dream.

“When I finish law I want to work as a defense. I know people usually want to work for the state’s attorney, but I like the adrenaline that defense will provide me,” Mirza said.

Mirza is living her best life outside of high school. Becoming independent and a full-time student has become a love for her.

“Life after high school is good. You get to experience more freedom with your choices, as in which classes you should take for your major. You’re moving onto the next step in your life so there’s always this type of excitement within you,” Mirza said.




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