Imagine Dreams In Action


Members of IDIA, from left to right: Hunter Leach, Jordon Giardina, Cane Quijano, Chris Burns, Connor Jones, Ben Mayo

      Sophomores Cane Quijano, Chris Burns, and Hunter Leach are breaking the musical norms at George Ranch High School as they create hard sounds and heavy beats in their own experimental hardcore band, Imagine Dreams In Action. Burns, Quijano, and Leach have developed a strong passion for music in the past four years, which eventually led to the beginning of IDIA (Imagine Dreams In Action) by Burns and Quijano in July 2010.

     Their songs have a heavy sound to them, featuring loud screaming and strong guitars and drums. IDIA’s newest song, “Decepticon Artist,” features vocalist Jordon Giardina, a junior at Lamar Consolidated High School. Drums are by Ben Mayo, and guitar is by Connor Jones, both also juniors at LCHS.

      The new guitarist of the band is Hunter Leach, who joined the group in early January 2011. He is also a self-taught drummer and bassist who plans to be a music minister at a church when he gets older. Leach is inspired by Joey Sturgis (record producer and owner of Indiana-based The Foundation Recording Studio) and Tyler Carter (front man for Woe, Is Me). He finds music inspiring and says that “there’s a song for every feeling. There are no limitations.”

      Burns, a vocalist/screamer and keyboardist for IDIA, says the band “plan[s] on booking shows and [wants to] eventually get signed and release music.” Burns is also a talented drummer and pianist, both of which he learned by taking lessons when he was younger. Quijano, a vocalist, guitarist, and bassist for IDIA, says he is inspired by the post-hardcore band Asking Alexandria and Oli Sykes (of the metal band Bring Me The Horizon).

      You can easily recognize the passion and dedication that these boys have for their music. They often spend their weekends writing and recording songs on their own software. When I asked Quijano why IDIA chose to play hardcore music, he laughed and paused before saying, “I have no idea. That’s like asking a cowboy why he’s a cowboy…That’s who they are.”

      We also welcome the newest member of the band, bassist Brandon Coovert, a junior at Lamar Consolidated. He will be in IDIA’s upcoming songs.

      Expect big things to come from Imagine Dreams In Action as these talented, driven boys pursue their greatest love – music. Keep an eye on their Facebook and Myspace pages to find updates on upcoming releases and information on future shows.

Band Members:

Cane Quijano, GRHS 10th Grade – Guitars, Vocals, Programming

Chris Burns, GRHS 10th Grade – Growls, Synth, Programming

Hunter Leach, GRHS 10th Grade – Guitars

Connor Jones, Lamar 11th Grade – Guitars

Ben Mayo, Lamar 11th Grade – Drums

Brandon Coovert, Lamar 11th Grade – Bass

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