Howdie Alex Thompson

Alex Thompson is a leader in FFA who shows many animals and guides others who want to show.


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By Kayle Trombley, Staff Writer

Wrangler: When did you first join FFA?

Thompson: I joined FFA because I was partially forced to, my sister joined when I was in the first grade and began raising goats. I then decided that since I already had to show up, I should join too. I started participating and raising animals and I’ve been here ever since

Wrangler: What made you want to join FFA?

Thompson: I wanted to join FFA simply because if my sister did, I had to join and outdo her.

Wrangler: Who encouraged you to join?

Thompson: My family especially encouraged me to join, in fact, I remember initially, my parents forced me to show up at all events.

Wrangler: What interested you to show animals?

Thompson: I became interested in showing animals because as a junior member, it is essentially the only competition you are allowed to complete in. Additionally, I really just wanted to show animals better than my sister.

Wrangler: What was the first animal you showed?

Thompson: My first show animal was a goat named Neptune. I have no idea why but the 4 goats were all named after planets. After my first year showing, I began pens of turkeys and chickens to show along with my goats. Later on in sixth grade, my parents decided that I should try cattle with my sister and I haven’t looked back.

Wrangler: What made you want to show a heifer?

Thompson: I intentionally did not want to show a heifer. I didn’t want anything to do with cattle, much less show one. Once I began showing, I gradually warmed up to showing heifers and I now really enjoy it.

Wrangler: How hard is it to take care of her and train her?

Thompson: To train all of my heifers, it takes me every weekend. It’s a lot of hard work to train and gentle them. At any given time, I am working on 4-5 animals at a time, I feed and walk them all every day I can and I put a lot into them.

Wrangler: How many times in a month do you show her?

Thompson: On average, I don’t show all of my animals every month; however, I make a point to take a few to either a progress show or at least on the trailer.

Wrangler: What has been your highest placing when showing your heifers?

Thompson: As far as my highest placing, I won the Fort Bend County Fair with my heifer Comet in 2017, but I am most proud of my heifer Toothpick, she won her class and division at the Houston Rodeo in March.

Wrangler: How long do you think you will keep showing?

Thompson: I plan to keep showing out of high school. I am allowed to show with my breed association as a junior until I am 25, but I don’t see myself outright quitting cattle. At most I believe I would stop showing at 25, but I would continue to raise cattle.