Howdie Taylor Jordon!

Taylor Jordan is a belle that has been in dance for 2 years.


The Lariettes at the homecoming game.

By Kayle Trombley, Staff Writer

Wrangler: How long have you been a Belle?

Jordan: I have been a belle for nearly a year.

Wrangler: Have you always wanted to join the Belles team?

Jordan: I never really thought of being a belle until I heard of them, which was in the middle of my eighth-grade year.

Wrangler: What made you want to join?

Jordan: To learn more technique to move my way up to Lariettes. I love to dance and I taught myself new tricks at home to know more about dance so my love for dance made me want to join the team.

Wrangler: The Belles just did their spring competition, how did that go?

Jordan: My first competition actually turned out pretty well. Practices were very hard, but worth it to be placed grand champions.

Wrangler: When the team goes to compete, how do y’all prepare for that?

Jordan: We practiced a lot, every day, for hours. We would practice on at least one Saturday for six hours straight to prepare for competition.

Wrangler: While you were competing, was there anything you think the team messed up on?

Jordan: Not at all. We tried our best and that’s all that matters. We got amazing awards for two competition that we went to.

Wrangler: How does it feel knowing that you made the team you worked hard for?

Jordan: When I made it to belles, I felt amazing and excited for the ear, but when I made it to Lariettes, I felt even more excited and can’t wait for the amazing adventures I am going to have with my team.

Wrangler: What did you do to prepare yourself for tryouts?

Jordan: I practiced every day for at least an hour at home and two hours of workshop for Lariette tryouts.

Wrangler: Has anyone encourage you to do your best on the team every day?

Jordan: Yes. Our entire team encourages us to do our very best at every performance we are about to do, even during practice. We encouraged each other during boot camp and line camp as well which is what I love about my team. We love encouraging our teammates because that’s what makes us great.