A Rowdie Bunch

The Ranch Rowdies make their noisy inaugural debut as the Longhorn athletics’ groupies.

By Jenna Hancock


Ears are ringing and feet are stomping. The bleachers vibrate and shake furiously, signaling the start of the football season. The moments approaching the climatic first touchdown of the season are tense, and the anxiety is mounting within the hearts of the student section. Hot breath and warm bodies jumping and beating against each other, waiting to erupt in fits of joy. The black shirted crowd buzzes; a chorus of “oh” that can be heard clearly across the stadium. It’s the chant of choice for this vivacious student section.

And then it happens.

The first touchdown of the season.

It is now that the student section, these rowdy Longhorns, make themselves known with hurling screams, feet stomping and hands slapping. They are loud, proud, and not afraid to get rowdy.

These are the Ranch Rowdies.

The Ranch Rowdies did not begin with a concrete plan, but rather they were the product of cheer coach Kyra Thomas and athletic booster club member Shane Burden. What started as an idea that only snowballed, the Ranch Rowdies was born in only a week’s time by members of the baseball team.

“I went to them because of the fact that they weren’t in-season,” Coach Thomas said.

She contacted them during one of the spring football games last year and it became airborne as a true student-breathed action from there.

The first game of the season was an away one, but the Ranch Rowdies nonetheless turned up at Mercer Stadium across town to watch junior Timon Nolan lead the Longhorns to a 38-21 victory over Austin High School. Kingwood Park was next on the chopping block; Traylor Stadium was packed full of Rowdies cheering and screaming for the boys in maroon. The first half was a nail biting cut throat battle, touchdown for touchdown. But the Ranch Rowdies kept the crowd loud and proud.

“I think they brought a whole new level of excitement to the games,” Principal Leslie Haack said. “They’ve attracted attention to the student body, and they’re really taking the leadership that we need them to do to build the excitement for the football season.”

The Longhorns stampeded through the second half for a 48-28 victory, with their faithful Rowdies cheering louder and louder with every touchdown. Hooking horns in celebration in every victorious play and ultimate win is just part of the traditions the Ranch Rowdies are setting in place for the future Rowdies to come.

“The Ranch Rowdies [are] like a family,” says junior Taylor Kennedy. “It’s where you can come and be welcomed with open arms.”


If you would like to purchase a shirt and/or a tank top, they will be sold on pep-rally days in Main Street for $15.00 each.