Joe Biden Officially Running For President

We finally have an answer.


Darriel Swatts

Joe Biden giving a speech about the soldiers in the background

By Kayle Trombley, Staff Writer

After months of speculation, Joe Biden has officially told everyone during a speech that he is running for the 2020 presidential spot. He released his campaign through a video, featuring his campaign slogan, “battle for the soul of this nation”. The main topic that he spoke about in his speech were the events that happened in Charolettesville and what President Trump stated about it.

Former President Barack Obama stated his support for Joe Biden’s running after he released his campaign video. According to ABC13 news, Barack Obama described what Joe Biden did for him while he was running in 2008 and he thanked him for all that he did.

According to ABC13 news, Joe Biden is the most experienced runner in the race, because this is his 3rd time running in the campaign. He is running against a diverse democratic election.

As we get closer to the election next year, all the candidates will be giving press conferences and also be given interviews. When running for president it is a very complicated and stressful progress.

We wish everyone the best of  luck and we also want to recognize their bravery for wanting to be our next president.