Missing Maleah Davis

Maleah Davis went missing over a week ago and investigation is still going on.



By Minou De Los Santos, Staff Writer

Maleah Davis went missing on Friday night May 3. An amber alert was sent out to everyone alerting the public to be on the lookout for the last car in which she was seen.

Maleah was  with her stepdad and he told authorities that “he was attacked while checking his tire over the weekend”. He has changed his stories several times since Saturday so its unsure what actually happened and who kidnapped her.

Thursday, May 9, authorities found the car Davis was last seen in which was a silver Nissan Altima. No evidence was found that could lead to the young child nor was anything unusual seen.

According to the upstairs neighbor, he saw Maleah’s stepdad, Vence, cleaning out his apartment and going out to buy big bottles of Clorox. Apparently, the mother, Britney Bowens, and Vence got in a big argument and he was super angry to the point where it may have caused him to release his anger on the little girl.

Vence was arrested on May 12 after authorities found more surveillance footage. Canines that are trained to smell cadavers went straight to Vences’ car. Investigators also found traces of blood in the family apartment. As of right now, Vence had a 1 million dollar bond but got lowered to $45,000. Authorities are unsure where Maleah’s body is at.

Texas EquuSearch has recently suspended the search for Davis’ body until the find better areas to search.