George Ranch Holds Its First Pep Rally of the Year

By Stef Ortiz, Sports Editor

The first pep rally of the year was held  Friday, September 6 prior to the George Ranch – Kingwood Park football game to raise spirit and support for the incoming match.

The rally was a successful one. It marked the beginning of Darion Rivers’ first full year of hosting the Pep Rallies after first being introduced to the school during last year’s highly successful glow in the dark pep rally. Rivers will be replacing recently graduated Jaylin Baldridge as the new pep rally host.

The pep rally began with the introduction of the varsity volleyball and football teams, both who had games that evening, to the roaring cheers of the school. This was followed with a performance by the cheerleaders and the band drum line.

A dance-off was then held in the court with several students being picked from the crowd. Football players Clarence Clark and Maxcell Austin also joined. After this dance-off was a band performance and a dance by the lariettes. This was followed with a performance from the school mascots Saba Akhter and Diana Vega.

The pep rally was concluded with the class cheers and the alma mater song.

The varsity football team would go on to become victorious in their game against Kingwood Park 41-28.