Howdy, Nick “Stripezxoxo” Orhii!

An interview with George Ranch senior Nick Orhii about his music.

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Howdy, Nick “Stripezxoxo” Orhii!

Nick in his home studio taken with a wide lens

Nick in his home studio taken with a wide lens

Nick in his home studio taken with a wide lens

Nick in his home studio taken with a wide lens

By Evan Elkins, Staff Writer

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Wrangler: What’s your stage name?

Orhii: Stripezxoxo

Wrangler: How did you come to be named that?

Orhii: I came up with it.

Wrangler: How?

Orhii: Well I said stripez because I was thinking of tiger stripes and xoxo because I’m sweet.

Wrangler: How would you describe your sound?

Orhii: I would say I’m kinda melodic and spacey at times.

Wrangler: How did you evolve, or grow, into this sound?

Orhii: I just wanted to make the type of music I like to listen to and turn up to… so I started doing that.

Wrangler: You’ve been surrounding yourself with people who are paving their own way, such as deno111, Wasay, and boysdontkry; How do these people influence you and your music?

Orhii: We just turn up and connect on so many levels, so it bleeds into the music… they make me go harder.

Wrangler: What direction do you see yourself going, like with your music?

Orhii: I see myself being a star and being famous.

Wrangler: Like what sound do you want to pursue?

Orhii: Oh, I just see myself becoming more myself I can’t really describe it just go with it.

Wrangler: Who are the artists that have influenced you the most?

Orhii: Chief Keef and myself.

Wrangler: How did Keef influence you?

Orhii: Keef made me want to show emotion and rap about things that actually happened to me that I cared about.

Wrangler: Is there anything else that you want people to know about you or anything?

Orhii: Just that, not really, just that I support and love everyone who supports me 😘