Get A Summer Job: Cinemark

Summer jobs are a necessity in a teenager’s life.


Dani Hernandez

Some of the Cinemark staff.

By Daniela Hernandez, Online Editor

Summer is right around the corner and the worst way to spend your summer is broke. How will you go out with your friends with zero money? How will you feel when everyone is going on trips or to concerts and you’re just at home by yourself? Getting a job is super easy. All you have to do is apply at a bunch of places and eventually one will call you back. Especially right now because most jobs are looking for summer hires.

I’ve been working at Cinemark for over a year and I am telling you – it’s the easiest job you will ever have. I basically get paid to do nothing because I work in the box office and all I have to do is sit and sell tickets. Though at times it gets extremely frustrated because customers are dumb and don’t realize they’re wrong, I love working there. At the beginning of my time at Cinemark, I worked the concession stand. I loved it there but after 9 months of only working the concession stand, it got tiring. People just started working up my nerves. If you aren’t comfortable with money, you don’t have to work the box office or concession stand. There is also the position of an usher.

The ushers clean the entire place from lobby to every individual theater. That’s all they do! Well, there is also always an usher at podium ripping tickets and making sure the customers are where they’re supposed to be. I never became the best usher at Cinemark all because I am a princess who doesn’t clean. It’s just not in my nature to clean. I can’t do it. But for anyone who doesn’t mind cleaning, this is a very relaxed position. You don’t have to worry about your money being off or dealing with an angry customer. The only thing you need to worry about is making sure the restrooms are cleaned and the recliner seats are working.

Don’t be the broke one in the group and apply at Cinemark. This summer job is perfect for anyone!