The Tree Huggers Club

A small new club, with big plans for George Ranch’s future.


Megan Braun

The Tree Huggers is a club geared towards advancing the environmental awareness of GRHS.

By Zenobia Wiley, Copy Editor

Scientifically speaking,  the Earth needs help. Plastic is filling the oceans, trees are being taken but not replaced, our atmosphere has been thinning for forever, and that’s only a few out of many things wrong. While it might just be too late to turn back centuries of bad habits, there are individuals who are trying to turn things around. 

That’s exactly what Sienna Espindola is doing with her new club, The Tree Huggers”

That’s exactly what Sienna Espindola is doing with her new club, The Tree Huggers. Determined to have even a small part in the betterment of our planet, this club’s goal is to help George Ranch High School go green! 

“We are dedicated to making a more sustainable and earthfriendly campus,” Espindola said. 

As a senior at GR with plans to pursue a career in environmental law, Espindola knew she wanted to graduate leaving an impact on the school as an individual and through her club.  

Espindola and her co-president, Ava Breeze, who sees a future in environmental engineering, came together and used their passions to make this possible. With the help of their sponsor, Kirby Bosse, an AP environmental science teacher, the two young women have much confidence. 

“She was our go-to choice because of her credentials and experience with other clubs similar to ours,” Espindola said. 

When asked about her goals for the school year, Espindola replied: “[Several] of our goals include picking up litter around school grounds, reducing plastic and Styrofoam use in the cafeteria, landscaping with native plants, and creating a butterfly garden.” 

They have big plans, such as introducing a community-wide “green” movement and informing their peers on the environment so they’re able to contribute as well.  

“The [purpose] of The Tree Huggers club is to make others aware of their ecological footprint, provide people with similar interests an outlet to get involved, beautify our campus, and cause a district-wide shift towards sustainability,” Espindola said. 


(If you’re interested in joining this club, you can contact Espindola at [email protected], or Breeze at [email protected])