Top 5 Travel Tips

Everybody has a sense of adventure- find out the best ways to fulfill that!


Emily Hawkins

View from our AirBnb in Dingle, Ireland- a beautiful little town right on the coast.

By Emily Hawkins, Editor

I know I’m only 17 years old, but travel is, quite honestly, my whole life. From the day I could hold my own head up, my parents have put me on planes, taking us to incredible sceneries and countries that have shaped me to who I am today. Throughout the years, I have learned so many different tricks and tips that have guaranteed a remarkable trip almost every year.

Spend More Time in Smaller Places
When you’re planning a trip, it’s hard to not immediately go to the hot spot scenes filled with tourists. But in the time my family and I have been traveling, my parents have always taught me and my sister the importance of the road less traveled. In almost every trip we have ever taken, the time we took to see some unknown beauties was the time that I loved the most. If you do decided to visit this road less traveled, your wallet will thank you! Travel agencies aren’t as aware with these hidden gems as they are with the popular travel sites, making your trip much cheaper.

2. Travel Light… and Watch the Valuables
I’ve got two words: lost luggage. Did your heart drop with just the thought of that? Waiting at the carousel and not seeing your precious suitcase drop through that shoot would only be the beginning of a travel nightmare. The process to get it back is so tedious and frustrating, and some times you might not even get it back. If this were to happen to you (God forbid), it’s best to think ahead of time. Avoid packing your whole closet, any priceless gems or valuables, or things that could lead to a lost identity (social security cards, passports, extra cash, etc.). But even if you do have your luggage with you your whole trip, you’ll thank yourself for leaving all the extra room for souvenirs!

3. Get Up Early
Trust me, I know waking early on vacation is not how you want to spend your time off. But before I lose all those who despise mornings, hear me out.

It is the best time of day for any sightseeing!

Waking up with the sun will show you sights such as a scenic sunrise, a city coming to life, or just a simple yet tranquil walk through your destination’s wildlife. You can the beauty for yourself without all that hustle and bustle of any rush hours or tourist traps.

4. Be Flexible
This one’s important, especially if you’re traveling with other people. It can be frustrating when things don’t go according to plan, but I promise, you’ll enjoy your trip so much more if you do just go in with an open mind and an understanding that you’re not going to be able to fit every last possible activity on your itinerary. If something gets canceled, then something gets canceled; be flexible and take that time to try something else out!

5. Make Friends With the Locals
If I’ve learned anything on my travels with my dad, is that there is no better tour guide than a local or native. They almost always have the best advice and inside knowledge on how to make your experience as memorable as possible! Always try to ask where to eat, shop, and explore!

I hope these tips spark your motivation to make something of your vacations, join me next week where I’ll discuss the perfect gift ideas for your friends and family this holiday season!