Howdie Casey Morgan!

Casey Morgan is a proud member of the FFA and participates in LDE’s and CDE’s.


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By Kayle Trombley, Staff Writer

The Wrangler: What are LDE’s and CDE’s?

Morgan: To become eligible for a CDE [Career Development Event] or LDE [Leadership Development Event], you sign up for one of the many choices, you must pass all of your classes, and attend the recent meetings and practices.

The Wrangler: How do you become eligible to participate?

Morgan: CDE’s are career development events that cover a job or skill pertaining to agriculture. LDE’s are leadership development events focus on creating situations for members to demonstrate their abilities in public speaking, decision making, communication and their knowledge of agriculture and the FFA organization.

The Wrangler: How long have you been competing in CDE’s and LDE’s?

Morgan: I have been participating in LDE’s for 4 years and CDE’s for 3 years.

The Wrangler: What teams have you competed on for CDE’s and why did you join this team?

Morgan: I have competed in the floriculture CDE. I chose this team to honor my great grandmother and to learn more about my interest in flowers.

The Wrangler: What teams have you competed on for LDE’s and why did you join this team?

Morgan: I have always competed on the parliamentary procedures team for four years and counting. I like to learn parliamentary law and how to properly run an FFA meeting.

The Wrangler: What is the highest placing that you’ve placed for each team?

Morgan: For my LDE, the highest placing was during my eighth-grade year and we got third. For my CDE I placed 52nd for floriculture.

The Wrangler: Who were your coaches and how would you describe their coaching methods?

Morgan: For my CDE I had Mrs. Katherine Schroeder, and with her teaching skills I learned so much. I learned how to memorize flowers, tools, and insects. For my LDE, I had Mrs. Lindsey Haley. We would do drill problems and memorize questions.

The Wrangler: What has been your favorite thing about competing?

Morgan: My favorite thing about competing is learning how to improve a skill I like doing.

The Wrangler: Is there anything that you have learned from this experience?

Morgan: I have learned how to better myself through repetition and practice.

The Wrangler: Is there any advice that you can give to people who are interested in participating in these events?

Morgan: I would say to follow what you want to do and keep doing it no matter how hard you fail or succeed.