Water gallery

A collection of some of my best images containing water.

By Sidney Frismanis, Photographer

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Sidney Frismanis
In San Antonio, a couple of ducks were enjoying themselves along the River Walk.

sidney frismanis
Lake Texana shows the sun shining through the clouds

Sidney Frismanis
Visiting Surfside beach I caught a mirror picture of the sunset.

Sidney Frismanis
While I was in Michigan I saw this sunset over a lake.

Sidney Frismanis
At TAJE I got off the path on a couple rocks and laid on them to get this picture.

I was in San Antonio and got this still image from a fountain.

Sid Frismanis
I went to Galveston with my little sister and I got this really cool depth of field image

I was at Galveston and got this picture frozen in time.


During Hurricane Harvey there was so much rain during one of the times the rain slowed down I took this picture.

sidney frismanis
While in Kuwait I took a ferry to a neighboring island and I got this beautiful opportunity.

sidney frismanis
I was in Kuwait and I saw the beautiful sunset on the beach.