Tik Tok Trends

Tik Tok, formally known as Musical.ly, has become a hit app for preteens and teens.



The Musical.ly app got transformed into Tik Tok, which is now a popular dance and lip-syncing platform.

By Ashley Wandling, Staff Writer

Musical.ly was an app where people created lip sync videos while incorporating hand and camera motions. Now, the app is called Tik Tok, and it has slightly changed from the former Musical.ly app. Instead of hand and camera motions, people now create dances and memes for people to recreate and post. Here are seven Tik Tok trends that have gotten big since the app became popular in 2018.

The Hand Gesture Filter:

The filter snaps a photo when somebody puts up a hand peace sign, rock and roll sign, or surfer sign hand gesture. People do all three hand gestures to snap three photos that create a funny image or scene. They make the 3 photos appear as if they have super long arms, spitting water out, or filming a fight against themselves.

Haribo Challenge:

This challenge is where people take multiple Haribo gummy bears and set them up in rows with the song Someone Like You by Adele playing in the background. They film one single bear to the words “Never mind I’ll find…,” then shift the camera to the rows of bears when the song goes “…someone like you.” People also have done this with their collection of hand sanitizers.


To duet a Tik Tok, people click on the video they want to duet and click duet. This allows them to recreate the same Tik Tok with the original next to theirs. People also use dueting to react to other videos.

Heat Miser:

Makeup trends are big at the moment, but this is a new twist on makeup trends. The song playing in the background is called “Mr. Heatmiser,” and the part of the song used in the Tik Tok is Snow Miser singing, then switching over to Heat Miser. During Snow Miser’s part, people either paint or do their makeup using blue colors. Some people add snowflakes and icicles too. They then take the other half of their face and do the same thing for Heat Miser, except in the colors of red, orange, and yellow. Some create a fire effect on their face too.

Put a Finger Down:

Similar to Never Have I Ever, people put a finger down for everything they have done according to the audio they choose to use. People have created different versions of this based off of sports, fine arts, Tik Tok users, anime watchers, and different races.


Last, but not least, the dance that it seems everybody knows how to do, the Renegade. Tik Tok users do this dance to the “Renegade” song. It has become such a popular trend, that a new one has also emerged. This trend is where people film themselves doing renegade while sleeping, eating, watching TV, taking a test, etc., to show how the Renegade has “taken over” people because of its popularity.