Elena Rohaizad

Elena Rohaizad, a sophomore at Texas A&M, came back for the Model UN Conference to be a Chair. Her job is to direct the flow of Standing Committee.

January 24, 2020


Zenobia Wiley

Elena Rohaizad finalizing the resolutions her Standing Committee came to after heavy discussion.

Session one is starting.

At least 40 high school students sit expectantly in rows of chairs, dressed their best in suits and dresses. Elena Rohaizad introduces herself first, followed by the director of the committee, Trisha Gupta.

She reads off the instructions eloquently and efficiently.

There’s a roll call, where the country is called followed by the name of the member. The members respond with their name, and if they’re present or present and voting. Most of the countries respond, however it seems that some are missing.

It isn’t a concern though, there are already enough students to handle as it is.

“Some of these delegates are way more experienced than I am,” she thinks. No matter, since she’s the one behind the table.

This is something she plans to continue even after school; in fact, she plans to go international. Germany, or the Czech Republic. The conference is a learning experience and an amazing opportunity, and despite the nervousness, she felt great.

There was a motion from Croatia to set the agenda to ”Topic A”. Rohaizad asks for all in favor, and most raise their hands. However, another raises his hand and calls for a motion to open session, which he explains must happen first.

Rohaizad apologizes for getting it wrong, and they restart.

Motion to open session? Passed.

A different boy raises his hand this time, however he’s asking for the same topic. Will they finally begin?


Some other members raise their hands, reminding Rohaizad that the pros and cons of the topic must be spoken first.

More apologies, and she stumbles over her words a bit this time. “I’m new to this, we’re all learning here. This’ll go much smoother soon okay?” she says, smiling.

And it does.

When making a mistake, she’s nicely told what the correct course of action is, and everyone’s extremely understanding. It didn’t take long to get the hang of things, and session one ends up going by quite smoothly after that.

She’s enjoying it very much.

By lunch, everything was just fine.

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