We Need Life Skills

Students in high school need to be taught how to solve real world problems.



Students should be taught how file for a loan and pay their taxes.

By Brenna Buchanan, Staff Writer

What do students learn in high school? The basic core classes; math, science, English and history. They can also learn skills for specific careers that they might want to pursue, but what about how to buy a house?
Students today are not taught common life skills. In school, we should be taught how to apply for loans, vote and even manage our taxes. A life skills class would benefit students by preparing them for their life outside of their parents’ house.
Students are often prepared for college life, but what about after that. According to an education life skills article, many students graduate high school without knowing how to make a budget, balance a checkbook or read bank statements. How do we file our taxes?
Many people are still unaware that minors are also made to pay income tax. When applying for a job many steps are required for you to take. You need a resume and maybe even a recommendation. It is up to teens to google or asks their parents how to do this. Although there is nothing wrong with getting help from Mom and Dad, students should learn to do this on their own eventually.
Once 18, individuals can apply for a car loan, but how? Signing government or any legally binding documents can be difficult. If one doesn’t know what to look for because they were never taught then this can cause missteps.
The fact is that teens don’t know everything despite what we say. We should be taught simple life skills by someone who can provide real-world examples and help to those needing it. High school is supposed to prepare us for life on our own, so lets get started.