A Single Lady’s Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day really doesn’t have to be as stressful as people make it out to be, especially for my single girls. Here are some ways to enjoy your Valentine’s without spending too much money!

Valentine’s Day is coming.

*insert throw up emoji*

If you’re like me, you’re going to be alone on Valentine’s, not that it matters. Personally, I think relationships are not the move, but I still want to receive some flowers and a bear or something when the day comes, you know?

Although I’ll do things for myself every now and then, holiday or not, Valentine’s gives me a reason to do a little bit extra.
So, here are some tips for a Single Lady’s Valentine’s Day!!



Honestly, flowers can be mad expensive for no reason. But because I love y’all so much, I did some research to find the places with the best Valentine’s Day deals on flowers.

I still want to receive some flowers and a bear or something when the day comes, you know?

Aldi: Aldi has a variety of flower options for you, ranging from Valentine’s Day Kalanchoes for $3.99 to a Premium Valentine’s Day Bouquet for $14.99

Trader Joe’s: On the 13th and 14th, Trader Joe’s has Double Dozen Tulips for a beautiful price of $10.99 (although they do note that since posting, the details may have changed due to a variety of reasons). Secondly, they have two Rose options. First up is the Classic Dozen, in a variety of colors, for $12.99 (available from the 10th–14th). Then, they have a Dozen Roses in a Glass Vase for $17.99, and come accented with gypsophila, pre-arranged in the vase, and already placed in a pretty bag to prevent water from spilling (available on the 13th and 14th)

H-E-B: H-E-B has a variety of options that get bigger as the prices get higher, ranging from Mini Carnations for $3.98 to bouquets for $15.00. I don’t see any specific date for this, so I’m assuming they’re available as long as supplies last.


I have a candy problem, so best believe this list right here is for you and for me. Come on, what girl doesn’t want candy on Valentine’s?

Walmart: I mean, here’s the link, but we all know you can get a great candy deal at Walmart for no more than $10. Plus, there are probably more options in store than online.

Target: Online, Target seems to have majority chocolate options, but there’s definitely more variety in the store. From what I saw, the only thing going above $10 was the fancy chocolates, everything else is under.

Party City: Party City has the goods y’all. For real, and the only candy above $10 is their super-bulk candy.


Whether other people get me a bear or not, I get myself a stuffed bear every single year. In fact, my favorite two from previous years are sitting on my bed as I type this.

Target: Target has some cute Valentine’s bears for no more than $12.99 (it comes with chocolate, so). They have a wider variety in stores rather than online, but there are a few to give you an idea.

H-E-B: Every year, H-E-B has the cutest $5 bears! Go get you one, or three. Whatever works for you baby.

Walmart: Walmart has a nice assortment of Valentine’s bears for $9.98 each!

Jumbo Bears: Jumbo bears are hard, because no matter what you’re paying at least $60 for that much larger size. The only place I can think of with “cheaper” jumbo bears is Amazon, and there are only about two options I can find. One is $35.99, and the other is $37.99.


“Here she goes again talking about self-care…” I know, but I couldn’t just conclude this article without adding in some Valentine’s self-care options! These are just a few cute things you could do for yourself at home, without even having to leave the house.

Make yourself a lip scrub: Frankly, lip scrubs are so underrated. Even though you won’t be kissing anyone this Valentine’s (I mean… right?), that’s no excuse to not have moisturized lips! Here are some recipes, at least three of them should make up ingredients you already have at home.

Do a home-made face mask: I literally love masks, especially when I get to make them myself, it makes me feel fancy. Of course, I have some recipes for that too. Take a quick peek! By the way… know what goes great with face masks?

Candles & a bubble bath: Girl, go to the nearest grocery store (or Marshall’s, I personally prefer Marshall’s) and grab you some candles. At least two. Run that bath water, put in soap until the tub is full of bubbles, grab those candles, and put on some music. I promise you won’t regret it! It’s the perfect way to end Valentine’s, really.


This basically makes up my typical Single Lady’s Valentine’s Day! I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve gotten used to it, or because I just truly cherish being alone (maybe both), but this is more than enough for me to feel the love on February 14th. Try it out, give yourself some love next Friday.

You deserve it, I promise.