Cheap Spring Break Ideas

That week off from school is precious, but how can you enjoy that time without breaking the bank?



Not everybody has the money to go a week long luxury trip, save your money and try one of these cheap ideas!

By Emily Hawkins, Editor

Hi! I’m Emily, and I have $30 to my name. Yeah, not a lot. With Spring Break just around the corner (yay!), me and my friends have been trying to come up with things that don’t require an arm and a leg. After mulling over what to do, we finally came up with three things to add to our itinerary.

1. Slumber Party

Ah yes, who doesn’t love a massive slumber party with all your closest friends! Gather the ladies, because this sleepover will be loaded; have mini makeovers, watch your favorite movies, and eat all the junk food you can possibly contain. Once 2 AM rolls around, you’ll be thanking yourself for choosing your pals over an overpriced beach trip.

…sometimes the best vacations are right at home with the people you love!”

2. Weekend Long Road Trip/ Camping Trip

Road trips do not have to be across the country and they definitely do not have to cost a fortune. Pack a bag, bring some pocket money, and drive yourself down to your closest camping site for a weekend. Or, if you’re not exactly the “outdoorsy” type, just prop a tent up in your backyard and enjoy the fabulous Spring night!

3. Date Night

Now it’s time to make time for either your gal pals or boy toys. It’s time to be creative! The idea of a date night ranges from person to person, so do what y’all will think is fun! It can be a picnic, an at home movie night, or even quick little beach trip to your local beach city (if you have one)- it’s completely up to you!

Spring break doesn’t have to involve jetting off to a foreign land and drinking cocktails by crystal blue waters; sometimes the best vacations are right at home with the people you love!